Product code: FOM
Specification: 1220mm * 2440 mm
Plate thickness: 1.6 mm to 30 mm
Colors: white mainly and can be produced upon request
Materials: made from PVC, foaming agents compressing synthetic additives
Fomex sheet application
Use of construction in Advertising and interior decoration:
Banner, sign board, exhibition display board, notice board
Interior and exterior decoration, partitions, buses, buses, trains
Office furniture, kitchen, auxiliary works
Fomex Sheet Characteristics:
Lightweight, waterproof, water resistant, some heat resistant products
Low thermal conductivity, good insulation
Suitable for printing
Easy bending collage during product processing
Description Fomex sheets are a flexible material manufactured with PVC foam components, because the air thermal conductivity is very small and because they are enclosed in non-convective foam therefore very good insulation properties. and more supple than other plastic products. Many applications in the field of interior advertising and in construction with a variety of thickness suitable for each option needs with many different purposes.
Warranty: 10 years

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  • You are in need of using fomex sheet to serve in your processing but still have concerns about the price and material of the product? Fomex foam compressors can be one of the most economical options for your needs.
    Fomex sheet is a material manufactured by high technology, mainly using PVC, with additive, foam and compressed into shape through modern technology. This material not only has the advantages of wood, but also has other impressive features thanks to its novel combination of materials. Fomex wood can be used to replace wood, plywood and MDF.
    The characteristic of fomex sheet is light weight, easy to transport, withstand large impact force, capable of sound insulation, good insulation. Besides, the wood is also waterproof, easy to clean, long-lasting, non-toxic and safe to use. Fomex sheets come in many different sizes and thicknesses, of which the standard size is 1220x2440mm, thickness indicators from: 2 mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 20mm.

    Fomex plastic sheet, also known as PVC Foam sheet, is a high-tech product, mainly using PVC, with additive, foam and compressed to shape through sophisticated techniques. It not only has the advantages of wood, but also has other advantages that wood does not. It is used to replace wood, house wood, plywood and MDF.

    Light weight, waterproof, water resistant, fire resistant.
    Has low thermal conductivity, good insulation
    Highly resistant to chemical corrosion, weathering.
    Durable, hard to withstand high impact.
    Suitable for printing
    Can drill, saw, nail and glue
    Can be cut, trimmed, cut and folded under the action of heat

    Fomex plastic sheets are widely used for interior and exterior decoration, office partitions, printing industry, anti-corrosion chemical projects, cold storage, specific projects for cold insulation and isolation. hospitals, laboratories, environmental protection, sports equipment, for coastal projects, moisture-proof, water-resistant materials, art materials …

    Used in advertising: printing signs, signs, billboards and exhibition boards.
    For industrial use: wall panels, cabinets and control cabinets, other structures in a corrosive environment.
    Used in interior & exterior construction:
    Interior and outdoor decoration, making partitions, shading (covering walls, covering doors, …)
    Banner, sign board, exhibition display board, notice board.
    Office furniture, kitchen, windows.
    Decorate inside ships, steam trains, buses, trains, subways.

    The laser cutting machine uses laser, plasma laser can cut fomex etching various sizes, meet the requirements of use in specific fields. These machines not only cut engraving time fast and sharp, but also save effort, cut straight lines and curved lines with great efficiency. This is the advantage that conventional machines do not work or often cut long, rough, do not have such beauty.