Steel core upvc door

Smart Door Information:
Product code: Smartwindow
Specification: Custom production
Super thick: Up to 60 mm and 80 mm
Colors: Hardware – Letters – Coffee – Van
Documents: your account and your financial and account
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Smartwindow smart points:
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Smart window model:
Smart windows or phones, devices, devices, computers, devices, computers, devices, computers, devices, computers The uPVC software is one of the best.
Warranty: 5 years

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  • Features of Smartwindow door:

    – Durable use, high aesthetics, design suitable for all architectural structures from high-rise buildings, townhouses to luxury villas.
    – No maintenance effort, no harm to the environment, convenient to use and install high safety.
    – Unlike wooden windows, uPVC doors and windows do not change in size and shape under changing climate conditions, are very good anti-termite materials.
    – Unlike aluminum doors, uPVC doors with steel core do not rot, rust or corrode in climatic conditions close to the coast (corrosion protection of salt water).
    – No need to paint and protect, the color stays the same for many years. Low maintenance costs, just clean clean.
    – Design suitable for many types of architectural works: Can be combined with many plans to use glass for windows, doors – partitions of works. Combined with industrial wood, with foam plastic panels, creating room through door or office partitions.
    – The matte surface, high color fastness helps for many years to remain as new, easy to clean.
    – Extremely low thermal conductivity> Insulation reduces electrical energy consumption when using air conditioners. Profile bar design many compartments> very good soundproof. The welded joints are certainly highly accurate waterproof.
    – Provide fast, available materials, easy to install, maintain, use smart collapsible ways.
    Smartwindow uPVC products branded Smartwindow are manufactured from uPVC profiles bar of Dong A Plastic Group (DAG) – a leading manufacturer and supplier of Vietnamese profile bars. In addition, Smartwindow also uses metal accessories made by the leading German GU brands. System hardware accessories synchronized with multi-point latch, 3D hinge, dedicated lock, not only increases the aesthetics of the Smartwindow door, but also helps open the door in many different modes such as opening inwards, opening back out outside, open tossed out, turned open – flipped in, opened sliding, opened in parallel.

    Manufactured according to European quality standards, the Smartwindow uPVC door product is a comprehensive set of components including: uPVC profile bar with box structure, divided into several hollow compartments with steel core. strength to increase bearing capacity for door set, combined with double gasket system and inert gas-filled glass box to ensure high tightness, good sound insulation and good thermal insulation. In addition, high-quality uPVC materials also have other advantages such as: no warping, shrinkage, little painting, regular maintenance, high fire resistance, no oxidation, no aging or stains. gold in terms of solar radiation or acid rain.

    Our products meet the quality standards: TCVN 7451: 2004, QCVN 16: 2014 / BXD

    Every year, the unit has received many awards and certificates from departments, prime minister such as:

    High quality Vietnamese goods (12 consecutive years)

    Vietnam Gold Star Award for 10 consecutive years

    Certified strong Vietnamese brand for 5 consecutive years

    Merit of the Prime Minister

    Key industrial products of the city … and many other awards.

    Being trusted and used by big investors for their projects throughout nwowcss: Hanoi Development General, Vinaconex General, Licogi, VNPT, Mbland, Mik, Vincom ..