Shide profile uPVC

Shide Profile Information Shide Profile
Product code: Shide Profile System 60
Specification: length 5.8m & 6m available
Document; Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride – exchange of synthetic Vinyl when planted, or PVC PVC does not mean uPVC design
Thick words: Hardware in software from 2.2mm -2.8mm
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The UPVC (Ultra PVC) energy bar is his product, capable of using 1000th centigrade. It’s time. UPVC bending bar when heated
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Model: Shide Bar Profile design, sharing, choice, differences, software launch differences
Warranty: 12 years

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  • Shide Profile is manufactured in a box-shaped structure, divided into several empty compartments, with outer walls thick from 2.2 to 2.8 mm, performing soundproofing and insulated with reinforced steel to increase bearing capacity for door set. Profile bars are interconnected, enabling them to be made into diverse sets of door sizes and designs suitable for all architectures, from office buildings to hotels or villas.


    DAG Profile Shide’s bar uses extrusion technology between uPVC & ASA:

    Profile bar surface is durable to avoid scratches.
    Diverse colors, can make many colors and order on request.
    Good heat resistance.
    High color fastness makes the product always new over time.
    Corrosion resistant and resistant to harsh environments.

    Profile plastic bars generally have an average thickness of 2.2mm -2.8mm in accordance with the European standard BS EN 12608.
    The scientifically designed mold increases the rigidity of the bar and increases the resistance to wind pressure of door products.
    High integration with existing hardware accessory systems.
    Maximum response to door systems such as: opening windows turning inwards, outwards, sliding windows opening, opening doors turning inwards, outwards, sliding doors opening … v / v.