Plastic window & doors with the main component is uPVC profiles appear in Vietnam since the early 2000s, this product has so far shown very high and alternative overwhelm the traditional materials by the advantages of its.

First time, all uPVC profiles is imported from abroad, mainly from Europe and China. The product is split into various quality and price. With the advantage of leading a unit depth in the plastic industry, with production capacity and supply uPVC window & door, Dong A Group (DAG) evaluate that dependence on imported materials is a major limitation to meet market demand.

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  • Test results
  • Production Technology
  • With the development of strong demand and the increasing number of companies installing uPVC doors, a selection of quality products from the user, DAG capture the fact that by investing in production uPVC profile, products are trademarks Sea Profile. Products made from the best materials, and advanced technology from Europe to create a uPVC profile system with a reasonable price, good quality, targeting the needs of most customers found.

    To date, Sea Profile has confirmed the position of market domination by the user choose and appear throughout the building.



    2)water sealing property

    3)excellent in heat preservation

    4)air sealing property



    7) Competitive price,

    8) best performance

    9) Samples are available

    10) Customized designs are accepte

    Reinforce steel core uPVC doors is produced follow industry chain in Vietnam by DAG. DAGproduct thus has the advantage of “any length” and high uniformity “thousands as one.”

    Steel is suitable with Japan industry standard JIS G 3101 and products JIS G 3350. Zinc protection coating standard suit

    able with JIS G 3313/ASTM B633 or JIS G 3302/ASTM A653.Steel core has abundant contour so immediately compatible with the category Sea Profileand other profiles available in Vietnam.


    Products are manufactured in Vietnam by DAG.
    Washer including 2 contour: O & K.
    Products with high resistance to aging, ensure airtight, increasing the sound insulation, heat uPVC doors system.
    DAG products compatible with Sea Profile and most other existing profile in Vietnam.
    The most common section form of washer;


    Accessories are manufactured from various stainless steel alloys, are imported from leading company German companies like Roto, GU, Siegenie, … Metal accessories are compatible forthe existing uPVC doors. Accessories have a very important role is to ensure the safety of your home and accuracy in use, they also bring aesthetic value, architecture, and also meet the needsspecial, private, and overcomes the disadvantages of the typically traditional metals accessories.

    There are many kit accessory have different size. Using for open-style to insideopen-style to outside, open scooped out, open turns and flipsliding 



    Produced at Dong A Plastics Corporation (DAG) by extrusion process, Sea Profile with box structure, divided up into space, with sight surface thickness from 2.3 mm to 2.5 mm.
    Sea Profile is characteristic sound & insulated well, impact resistant, anti-aging, fire resistant, does not decompose into flammable components even at high temperatures, consistent with … climate, environment tough in Vietnam.
    Sea Profile has been tested through testing of weld strength and frequency of opening and closing in the load conditions many thousands of times.
    Sea Profile as reinforced steel core and connected, fitted with a variety of metal accessories for the realization of the door, walls and safety, diversity in size, suitable designs, utility.
    Sea Profile glued laminated to the wood or the color is still forming the border with the architecture and aesthetic beauty, the product is available in the DAG.
    Sea Profile was produced by relevant European standards, the number of BS EN 12608.