PV Smart

PVSmart Information Sheet
Product code: PVS
Specification: 1220mm * 2440 mm
Plate thickness: 5 mm to 30 mm
Colors: variety
Materials: PVSmart is a sheet material, made up of the main ingredient is Polivinyl Chloride (commonly known as PVC). In addition to PVC, PVsmart plastic boards also have some inorganic additives.
PVSmart plate application
Use of construction in Advertising and furniture:
Interior and outdoor decoration, making partitions, boards
Office furniture, kitchen, auxiliary works
Interior decoration of ships, buses, trains
Specification of PVSmart Panels:
Waterproof, water resistant, some heat resistant products
Low thermal conductivity, good insulation
Suitable for printing
Easy bending collage during product processing
Description PVSmart Sheet is a flexible material manufactured with PVC components and anti-aging additives, impact resistant, This is one of the environmentally friendly products, community, PVSmart carries to Vietnamese consumers a new line of interior materials – PVSmart veneer with superior features: absolute water resistance, outstanding durability, no termites, no mold … Widely used in office furniture, houses, apartments, hospitals, schools …


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  • PVSmart panels are a “green” material that is safe for health – does not contain toxic substances: Formaldehyde, sulfur, lead … certified to European standards E1 and ROHS standards. Vietnamese consumer products PVSmart Plank – a new material with superior features to replace industrial wood, PVSmart also offers a range of decorative surface products:

    PVSmart PVC Coating Not only has outstanding features: Good scratch resistance; absolute water resistance; Fire protection; green materials – safe for users, environmentally friendly …
    PVSmart Laminate panels are diversified in colors: wood grain, stone pattern, fabric imitation, leatherette, décor, monochrome … to meet all needs of customers.
    Acrylic PVSmart panels: With deep smoothness and a variety of colors PVSmart Acrylic panels are the trend of interior decoration.
    PVSmart laminating film sheets Fiml: Diverse colors meet the effect of wood grain and imitation stones, especially with the technology of the product, while ensuring technical criteria and cheap prices.

    As one of the new materials made from Ponyvinyl Chloride and additives, PVSmart Plywood products are extruded from advanced technology machines.

    The standard size of the plastic sheets we produce is 1.22 x 2.44m, the product color is completely white, to create a variety of colors, we researched and develop PVC vein stickers with monochrome colors. , imitation wood, … in addition to laminate, acrylic. However, we bring to the market a new breeze through PVC coating, the cost of coating is 3 times cheaper than laminate or acrylic, coating, but the quality of products is durable, beautiful and not inferior. .

    – Processing wastewater treatment systems, toxic environmental emissions
    – Manufacturing equipment, machine details
    – Processing chemical tanks, plating
    – Jigs, shelves, base molds
    – Fans, ventilation duct system for factories
    – PVC sheet made of working table, laboratory table, clean room system applied in mechanics
    – Industrial PVC panels, advertising,
    – Industry: Making product processing tables (operating tables), precision mechanical parts, chemical chambers, component containers.
    – Advertising: Cutting CNC letters board.
    – Interior decoration: PVC plastic used as drop ceilings, flat ceilings, partitions, fences ..
    – Interior production: PVC sheet used to produce kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, television shelves, decorative shelves ..
    – In addition, PVC sheet can be trimmed, trimmed, cut and folded under the impact of heat
    – PVC plastic has excellent corrosion resistance, thermal insulation and high mechanical strength, suitable for processed product samples, decorative sheets, exhaust pipes, lining equipment of products, Containers. Ideal choice of materials for the chemical, construction, decoration and other industries
    – PVC plastic with anti-chemical properties, PVC flat sheet is used in the plating industry, environmental treatment, wastewater, chemical tanks, laboratory equipment, electronics … that materials other hard to replace.
    – Used to decorate room partitions, boat surfaces, billboards … to make sure and durable before weather and chemicals.
    – Use as Pallet unburnt bricks, Block bricks. Cost savings, competitive product quality in the market.

    We specialize in providing high-class PVC sheet, yellow PVC sheet, milky white PVC sheet, gray blue PVC sheet, Korean standard PVC sheet, Japanese standard PVC sheet, Vietnam PVC sheet, High quality PVC sheet. With many sizes like: 1000x2000mm; 1220x2440mm and thickness from 3 to 60mm suitable for all production needs of customers.

    Thông số kỹ thuật về cơ lý tấm PVC Foam
    Chỉ tiêu chất lượng Mức chất lượng
    Độ bền kéo (MPa) >=10
    Bờ độ cứng (D) >=55
    Tác động mạnh, va đập (KL/m2) >=12
    Phạm vi kéo dài(%) >=10
    Tỉ lệ thay đổi nhiệt (%) +-2.0
    Làm mềm điểm (oC) >=70
    Độ bền uốn (MPa) >=20
    Uốn môđum đàn hồi (Mpa) >=600
    Chịu lực bolt(N) >=700
    Hấp thụ nước (%) =<1.0 Mật độ bề mặt (kg/m3) >=700