Normal Danpla Sheet

Product code: Danpla usually

Specification: 1220 * 2440 mm

Thickness: 3-4-5-6mm

Colors: Basic colors

Materials: Danpla – Polypropylene sheets are a polymer that is the product of propylene polymerization

DanPla sheet is usually one of the most preferred materials in the packaging industry today, because of its superior features of flat surface, waterproof, grease … Using Danpla sheet is an effective measure for employment packaging in industry, agriculture, electronics … and convenient in simple processing.

Warranty: 5 years

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  • Danpla sheet, also known as plastic wave, is used for many different purposes and is widely used in industry or in the advertising industry. Danpla panels are manufactured based on advanced technology and synchronized machinery system to produce quality products
    highest quality. Danpla panels use isotopic plastics to reduce impact and thermal insulation.