Product:  Hollow Pvc Panels

DAG’s 2-layer PVC interior panel is made entirely of Polyvinylcloride (or PVC) granules, using modern paint spraying technology to avoid fading, non-peeling and durable with air. post-tropical in Vietnam.


Quy cách tấm nội thất pvc 2 lớp (Tấm tủ nhựa DAG)

Specification of Hollow Pvc Panels

Outstanding features of Hollow Pvc Panels:• Non-toxic, no lead, no heavy metals, no plasticizing chemicals • No peeling or fading suitable with tropical climate • Not afraid of cockroaches, not moldy, not deformed, waterproof • Quality assurance, good after-sales service • Diverse colors, can coordinate as you like • Insulating materials, not self-igniting, with high safety • Easy to clean, regular detergents can be used for cleaning and maintenance such as clean water, detergent and other types of cleaning fluid.

-Hollow Pvc Panels with diverse colors

Color factors play an important role in determining the style of the house as well as the homeowner’s unique style. Depending on the interior decoration, you can choose the appropriate color ofHollow Pvc Panels to be consistent and harmonious.





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