Product code: HIFLEX
Specification: width of 50-70-80 m, width of 0.9m -3m
Thickness: 0.28mm – 0.5 mm or 280g-500g / m2
Colors: Basic colors
Material: 2-sided PVC film is pressed together between two layers of PVC which is a synthetic plastic mesh for reinforcement
Hiflex tarpaulin application:
Used for construction in advertising: billboards, panels, wall panels
Billboard shop, fashion shop, showroom ..
Billboard billboard, backdrop, standee
Hiflex tarpaulin characteristics:
Thickness, color diversity, convenient in the process of processing, no oxidation, high color fastness, environmental protection, low cost economical when using ….
Hiflex canvas always meets the aesthetics of the Brand, whether the canvas allows the ability to color and content clearly and successfully depends on the design skills of the designer.
The construction of 9 including dismantling for Hiflex tarpaulin is extremely simple and fast
This method can apply to ttaats both popular shops to large units
Hiflex tarpaulin description:
Hiflex tarpaulin is a canvas made from synthetic resin, very tough, durable and allows printing of information and image content. This canvas is combined with aluminum frames and lights to create signs placed on the ground, hanging on shops, making banners, standees, posters and even large billboards on countries, airports …
1 year warranty

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  • Hiflex tarpaulin is a kind of plastic material (PVC), which is milky white, able to withstand the rain, the sun and stretches well. After covering a membrane. Hiflex tarpaulin is the most commonly used material in Vietnam. You can see signs, light boxes, posters, bannos, banners all the way.

    Anti-osmotic, anti-ultraviolet rays, withstand harsh climate, do not fade inks
    High elasticity, large tear resistance, no peeling, good water and UV resistance, easy to clean, is a good choice for outdoor advertising industry. Hiflex canvas meets both aesthetic values and brings the most effective advertising in the most intuitive way, the widest coverage of the image due to the relatively soft price.