Glass stickers

Glass gluing information:
Product code: GDK
Specification: size 0.9 m and 1 mm length 50 m
Thickness: 0.08mm PVC side excluding glue
Colors: variety
Materials: Single sided PVC film, 80g / m2 to 140 g / m2 thick paper base with PE coating to prevent sticking
Glass sticker application:
Used for interior and exterior glazing construction: their main effect is to paste sunscreen, heat-resistant, heat-proof for greenhouses, Use glued papers, reflective glazing papers as a solution Sun protection is very effective, and construction is quick and affordable with every home.
Specification of Glass sticker:

Has the effect of obscuring the glass door, Often used for offices
To increase the aesthetics of opaque glass paper, can be decorated by cutting lines or cutting logos
No blocking ability, Effective protective glass and Very easy construction
Description of Glass Stickers:
Another great meaning of this Glass Wallpaper is that it not only brings wealth, happiness to the homeowner but also brings health, love, happiness, and prosperity to everyone in the house. , creating comfort towards a life full of joy and full of energy.
Glass wallpaper is chosen by many people to paste in spaces such as windows, hallways, doors of cafes, restaurants, it is like a screen to create a separate space of peace, rustic and bar. tasteful.
1 year warranty

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  • Glass wallpaper is now not a luxury item anymore, we can easily own a house made of glass easily. The great thing the greenhouse can bring is no one to argue more. But there is a huge drawback is that if making a glass house, nearly every activity inside the house will be seen smoothly from the outside, so it seems a bit inconvenient and uncomfortable.

    Don’t be too worried about that because there are reflective stickers, also known as one-dimensional glass stickers, the use of this glass will help you see everything as normal, but outside. do not see the activities inside the house. Join us to learn about this magical glass wallpaper.

    DAG laminated glass is manufactured according to the horizontal oscillation reinforcement method on modern technology lines according to European standards. High quality float glass is heated to the point of deformation (about 6500C) and then quickly cooled by cold air flow to the surface of the glass evenly and accurately to harden the compressive stresses on the surface. glass surface.

    This process does not change the light transmitting and exothermic properties of the glass, but it increases the surface compressive strength by more than 10,000psi (whereas conventional float glass only withstands less than 3,500psi). The pressure of the wind, the impact of foreign objects and the thermal stresses created by other factors must be greater than this compressive strength for the tempered glass to break.

    The entire process of automatic operation reinforcement according to the program has been set up by leading experts in the field of tempered glass-glazing. Product quality is rigorously tested on a regular basis by regular impact testing based on American ANSI Z97.1: 1984 standards. Therefore, the quality of tempered laminated glass is always stable and meets the international quality standards: BS 6206: 1981 of England, ANSI Z97.1: 1984 of the USA.