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PVSmart wood plastic panels – Solutions to prevent mold moisture to protect family health

(Construction) – The hot, humid, and rainy climate in Vietnam makes many spaces exposed to water such as kitchen cabinets, partitions, furniture … prone to mold, degradation, and multiplication of bacteria affecting family Health.

PVSmart plastic panel (PVSmart panel) is a successful step of Dong-A Plastic Group Joint Stock Company (DAG). This is a new material that replaces the traditional material, which provides a moisture-proof solution for all spaces in the house by absolute water resistance, termite resistance, fire resistance …

PVSmart panels are safe materials

To create a new material line, DAG has pioneered the production of the PVSmart sheet as a green material by researching and applying 4.0 technology to production on synchronous and modern lines of Europe and Compliance with ISO 9001-2015 quality management system.

Absolute water resistance

Born with current technology, DAG’s PVSmart wood panel is a product bearing the mission of “waterproofing”. If traditional materials such as industrial wood and natural wood lack water resistance, DAG PVSmart panels pay special attention to. PVSmart panels are made up of rigid chemical foam, completely made of PVC and other additives, so the durability has satisfied all fastidious guests. You will be completely assured to use PVSmart panels in areas exposed to water such as kitchen cabinets, bathrooms …

Best termite and fireproof

Consumers have a special preference for DAG PVSmart panels because the product does not contain cellulose such as natural wood, the favorite food source of termites, so the product will not be attacked by termites. In addition, PVSmart panels have the strength that traditional materials can not keep up with is high heat resistance, no ignition, no flame retention when a fire occurs and is fire resistant to 1000 degrees Celsius.

Mr. Nguyen Tam Thanh, when coming to the DAG’s sales agent, shared: “My family’s first criterion is to choose healthy materials as number 1. After careful research, I chose PVSmart. of DAG, in addition to high aesthetics, the product has met the criteria of green materials, waterproof, moisture-proof, termite … Besides this product, DAG is one of the few enterprises that are active in coating technology. The surface reduces the cost of the competition, completely overcome the disadvantages of traditional materials, I have found myself to have the most accurate choice.

In addition to the comfort and class, DAG’s PVSmart panels are associated with sustainable development, environmental protection, safety and quality of life to protect the health of users. So, in addition to being resistant to water, fire, and termite, green materials … PVSmart panels also have Outstanding durability, which saves costs by overcoming the disadvantages of traditional materials, so it costs nothing. repair and replacement fees. Moreover, DAG is one of the few enterprises that are active in surface coating technology such as PVC laminating, laminate, acrylic (mica) adhering to standards of expansion, shrinkage, etc. With the strengths of for me, the PVSmart plastic panel of DAG carries on me the ability to become a material that provides a moisture-proof solution to protect consumers’ health.

DAG has become a pioneer group in the field of manufacturing plastic products for construction materials, interior and exterior decoration and advertising in Vietnam today.

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