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Program introduction product line Fomex and PVC ceiling panels

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Last day: 12/09/2018. DAG Group, getup program: Long connections development lasting; take agent goes views program intro productions Fomex (PVC foam) and PVC ceiling panels at NDA Ha Nam factory.

Fomex - dây chuyền sản xuất tấm Fomex formex fomec
Fomex DAG – Delegation slight seeing productions line Fvc foam and PVC ceiling panels.

Attend the program, have to ten agents at Ha Noi city. Distributions any product DAG (uPVC window, advertising materials) and near provide subscriptions. All of the themes were really conquered by scale, the way of organized the production and the product are very good quality.

Simultaneously, with the introductions marketing and sales departments. People also more aware of these product lines. Especially the formula for weight calculation to avoid the risk of entering inferior quality good on the marketing.

Tấm trần thả và tấm fomex được giới thiệu trong cuộc hội thảo bên lề
DAG submit NDA Ha Nam factory.

The program has a participation of chairman general assembly, general director DAG NGUYEN BA HUNG. Follow story of general director share. The agent has been understanding to over the process and development DAG in 17 years old. We hope that this will be a stepping stone for DAG and dealers to understand each other. To accompany development in the coming time.

Tham quan nhà máy Fomex & tấm trần thả nhựa (La phông)
DAG souvenir photograph.

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