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Fomex is the advantages of DAG

tam formex -formec -format

Fomex is a new material that is very popular and used in the field of furniture advertising today. This is a new material of superiority, replacing the increasingly scarce wood materials, reduce the cost and do not spend too much effort.

What is the fomex?

Fomex, also known as the format, is made from hardened foam, using pure PVC so it is lightweight and durable. It is used for bulkheads, billboards, modeling. Especially soft fomex panels, so you can easily cut and manipulate the different designs and models are mainly used to make furniture models and use in the advertising industry.

Nowadays, this material is used by many people because it is very safe and harmless to human health.

DAG produced superior Fomex panels.

With love, respect for human life and towards sustainable development, friendly environment, and market understanding, Dong A Plastic Group (DAG) has launched the line of plate products. Fomex is superior. DAG’s Fomex panels are manufactured on a modern, highly automated assembly line that compliant with the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system.

DAG Fomex panels are more prevenient

Fomex dag

DAG Fomex has outstanding advantages:

Cheap price, lightweight so much compared to wood material easy transport should be alot of user in the interior decoration, advertising in place of other materials.

Longevity: Fomex panels are made of PVC, so they arre durable and waterproof, unchanged in the environment, weather conditions such as humidity, rain, sunshine … help life longevity. The product it long.

Sound insulation. good insulation due to DAG Fomex panels are formed from the foam can not convections so the thermal conductivity of the air is very small.

In addition, fomex panels also have many other advantages such as good weather resistance, high impact, none toxic… by the outstanding advantages of Dome fomex panel are many people choose to serve for human needs and purpose.

In order to integrate into modern digital technology 4.0, DAG has continuously invested to change products in line with market demands to change habits and towards “Vietnamese people using Vietnamese goods” Fomex sheets DAG is widely used in the fields of life due to its superiority over other materials.

DAG is now a pioneer in the field of manufacturing plastic products for construction materials, interior decoration, and advertising… in addition to Fomex panels, DAG also has products that are consumer Nationally known for quality and design diversity, competitive price, suitable for Asian consumer tastes such as Profile uPVC Shide Profile and Sea Alpha Profile; PVC Sheet hight – Pvsmart; ;PVC ceiling panels; uPVC steel door reinforced with Smart window brand, aluminum door, glass doors, Smartdoor, PP sheet (Danpla); Mica…

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