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Dong-A Plastic (DAG) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with BIDV Hanoi branch

On September 25, Dong-A Plastic Joint Stock Company (DAG) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (Billing) in Hanoi. Accordingly, BIDV will continue to support DAG comprehensively on issues related to capital and payment services for DAG’s business activities.

The signing ceremony of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between BIDV and DAG will be an important step to increase the competitiveness of the two units before the integration trend.

The signing ceremony marked a new development step in the partnership between DAG and BIDV after the previous effective cooperation between the two sides, and at the same time, to strengthen connectivity and aim to become a comprehensive partner. Each other, ensuring long-term, sustainable cooperation based on the advantages of the parties to exploit the best available potential.

Leader of unit representatives at the signing ceremony

In addition to commitments on credit, DAG is also supported in providing foreign currency payment and lending services for export production. Speaking at the ceremony, the representative of BTS said that this cooperation took place on the basis of Tenci appreciating the operation capacity of DAG and hoped that through this cooperation, the activities of DAG will be improved. A new height, opening up opportunities to deepen the cooperation of both sides in the coming time.

Through the operation of a major financial institution such as Siemens, DAG has access to financial support for its manufacturing and business activities to improve business efficiency and customer service quality… Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Ba Hung – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director said: The depository is one of the important steps for the two sides to continue promoting and maximizing their potential. . as well as the competitiveness of each unit. DAG expects profits to increase sharply due to increasing business scale, contributing to promoting growth to create competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. Education
Based on the long-established bilateral cooperation relationship, this agreement will be the basis for BIDV and DAG to continue supporting and expanding business activities, leading to extensive cooperation. and go hand in hand with development.

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