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DAG’s Mica PS conquered Vietnamese people

Dong-A Plastic Joint Stock Company (DAG) has conquered Vietnamese people with Mica PS with the criterion “Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods”. This is a success. Following DAG is a pioneer in producing and putting PVSmart panels, Fomex panels, Profile uPVC bars, and wood grain are accepted by consumers.

With long-term production experience, capturing a keen economic market, DAG is the first unit to research new technologies in the world applied in Vietnam to create the Mica PS series with superior features. Mica PS panels are made of a primary plastic called Poly Styrene, which is especially popular in the advertising industry today because of its diverse colors, transparent surface, high aesthetics, … Luxurious and modern beauty for your living space.

Characteristics of DAG Mica PS Sheet

Modern technology: Mica PS sheets of DAG are manufactured by thermal extrusion, solid sheets on the asynchronous, modern line, according to European standards, with high automation, always comply with the management system. ISO 9001-2015 quality management, reaching the most optimal effective quality in the construction materials manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

Transparency: DAG’s Mica PS sheet is capable of conveying light up to 95%. This is a prominent feature of the product with a transparent feature that gives users the option to replace glass, overcome fragile weaknesses that are dangerous when subjected to sudden changes in temperature or temperature…

High color fastness: The characteristics of the Mica PS sheet are less affected by the environment due to the weather, the heat, scratch resistance, high humidity … always keep the product’s durability and color stability in. 10 years, no yellowing when exposed to 30 years.

Aesthetics: the product has a variety of surfaces: glossy, matte, rough, … ensuring smooth, eye-catching colors with the ability to bend shaped by simple heat. Therefore, DAG Mica PS panels are increasingly popular in the field of interior design from simple to complex details, bringing luxurious beauty, modernity, and sophistication to the living space.

Lightweight and good impact resistance: The weight of Mica PS panels is much lighter than other products such as mirrors, glass …. helping the construction and installation process become easier. At the same time, the product has high elasticity, so it withstands good impact forces, easily bends to create unique and impressive finished products.

Safe green materials: DAG’s Mica PS sheets are cut, shaped without dust or toxic gases, highly resistant to chemicals, manufactured according to the “Greenline” standard system for stabilizers. no lead to ensure health for consumers, environmentally friendly.

Fireproof: The product withstands temperatures up to 140 ° C and ignition temperatures up to 425-430 ° C.

Diverse thickness and dimensions fluctuate to suit all user needs.

Application of Mica PS plate of DAG

With the above-mentioned advantages, the Mica PS sheet of DAG has been widely applied in many fields such as the advertising industry: signs, lightboxes, especially suitable and highly applicable to panels. Big brands require good quality. In addition, office supplies and equipment: nameplate, title board, department board … About interior decoration: partitions, decorative shelves, jewelry boxes, and decorative items, gifts, furniture in the house…

In order to meet the needs of outsourcing in decoration and advertising in addition to Mica PS, DAG also has light-weight Mica panels with transparent colors manufactured from Polystyrene and then CNC cutting on request with outstanding advantages as follows. When processing billboards with light inside, it will make the sea surface brighter and more beautiful.

With its strengths, DAG Mica PS panels are increasingly dominating the market, full of consumer confidence. DAG Mica PS panels are currently leading in quality, maintaining a long-standing reputation in the Vietnamese market.

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