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DAG PVC ceiling panels made a breakthrough in the furniture industry

(Construction) – In modern interior decoration, PVC drop ceiling panels are increasingly used in construction sites. The advantages of DAG PVC drop ceiling panels can completely overcome the disadvantages of traditional ceiling panels.

What is PVC drop ceiling panels?

The PVC drop ceiling is a sheet material, made up of the main ingredient of Polyvinyl Chloride (commonly known as PVC) with anti-aging additives, impact-resistant.

Previously, in the furniture industry such as hotels, houses, offices, hospitals, schools … consumers often made ceiling made of traditional materials such as mineral fiberboard, aluminum ceiling, plasterboard. However, the limitations of traditional ceiling panels are water-resistant, consumable, complex construction, simple colors, and high price.

Why use DAG PVC drop ceiling panels?

By understanding the market, Dong-A Plastic Group (DAG) has launched an Eco-friendly PVC technology PVC ceiling panels to overcome the disadvantages of traditional drop ceiling panels with outstanding advantages. His is as follows:

Waterproof: Manufactured on a high-tech line, the combination of PVC with additives and hardeners, anti-aging and absolute water resistance is the first advantage when it comes to dropping ceiling products. PVC of DAG.

Fireproof, good heat resistance: PVC drop ceiling can prevent 95 – 97% of the heat radiation from outside, limiting and preventing the process of heat absorption. Therefore, the plastic ceiling is considered the most effective heat-resistant material. In addition to the advantages of thermal insulation, the plastic ceiling has a number of other advantages such as light, sound insulation, and noise protection.

Rich, diverse colors: The special advantage of DAG PVC drop ceiling panels compared to traditional drop ceiling panels is the diversity of colors, reproducing natural, vivid colors, displaying patterns rich, honest.

Easy construction, easy installation: Due to its lightweight and durable characteristics, drop ceiling panels are very convenient for installation and transportation for large structures, so the construction is quicker and more convenient.

High economic efficiency: Compared with some traditional ceilings, PVC ceiling panels are more reasonable in price, long using time, hard to be broken, reducing material consumption during construction; easy to clean, clean.

Health safety: Currently, the trend of users is to choose environmentally friendly materials so DAG PVC drop ceiling panels are more and more popular because of this feature. This is a line of “green” materials, safe for health – does not contain toxic substances: formaldehyde, sulfur; Energy-saving brings noticeable effect.

With the advantages that PVC ceiling panels bring, this is a breakthrough in the furniture industry, increasingly affirming the growth of DAG is always a pioneering Group in the field of plastic products serving the industry. building materials, interior, and exterior decoration and advertising.

In addition, DAG also has products known to consumers across the country with diverse quality and designs, competitive prices, in line with Asian consumer tastes such as profile uPVC bars with labels. Shide Profile and Sea Alpha Profile; PVSmart wood plastic panels; uPVC door with a reinforced steel core of Smart window brand; aluminum doors, Smart door glass walls; PP sheet (Danpla); Fomex plate; Plexiglass …

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