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DAG won the title of High Quality Vietnamese Products 2020

DAG vinh dự đón nhận Hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao 2020
On June 9, 2020, at the Army Hotel, Ba Dinh, Hanoi – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Vietnam Association of High-Quality Enterprises held a business meeting in Hanoi, announced the results of the survey. the latest survey on changes in dynamics and behavior of consumers after the epidemic season, and awarded the Quality Control Quality Certificate 2020 – voted by consumers.
In 2020, Dong A Plastic Joint Stock Company (DAG) continues to be honored to be awarded the title of Vietnam High Quality Goods for Industrial Plastic Industry. DAG is a business that has continuously achieved this title for many years and is one of the typical Vietnamese brands that have made a breakthrough in recent years.
DAG chung nhan hang viet nam chat luong cao

DAG achieved the certificate of Vietnam High Quality Goods 2020
The High Quality Survey in 2020 was conducted simultaneously and synchronously from October to December of 1920, with 120 interviewers nationwide and 40 regional managers and supervisors conducted direct interviews with 12,699 households; 2,564 points of sale in provinces / cities in key economic centers of the four economic regions (North, Central, Southeast and Southwest). The High Quality Survey in 2020 showed that there were nearly 3,000 named enterprises in all product groups, corresponding to 98,094 votes. Official results: 604 enterprises achieved the title of High Quality Certification of High Quality 2020 – voted by consumers.
In order to support enterprises (enterprises) having time to recover production and business after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee of the Association of High-Quality Goods Enterprises has come to the agreement that the Certification and Logo of HVNCLC 2020 will be valid for use. to the end of 2021.
In 2020, besides the perceived quality factor, the issue of food hygiene and safety or user safety is still of great interest to consumers when choosing to buy products. Consumers increasingly care about the origin, origin or information about products, products that are good for health and have less impact on the environment, bearing “green” and “clean” labels that consumers are increasingly choosing.
DAG vinh dự đón nhận Hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao 2020

DAG honored to receive High Quality Vietnamese Goods 2020
Mr. Nguyen Ba Huy – Director of DAG said: “Before the alarm of environmental pollution, the production of eco-friendly products is our urgent requirement, all DAG’s products are was born with new technology, towards products that are environmentally friendly and safe for users ”.
As a pioneer in the field of plastic products manufacturing in construction materials, interior and exterior decoration and advertising, DAG has always followed the operating principle of “Taking quality to pursue life / Get prestige to pursue development ”. On that basis, the title of High Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by consumers for DAG is a recognition of the efforts of businesses in the integration time with the regional and world economy today.
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